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* Your emergency contact should be someone who is not travelling together with you.

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*Participants are responsible for finding their own roommate. In the event that you do not have one, we will attempt to find one on your behalf. However if all efforts fail, you will be required to opt for a single occupancy at your own expense. If your roommate withdraws from the tour, you will have to pay single room surcharge if you are unable to find a replacement.

** Only married couples are permitted to room together.

*** To email IBEX for triple room arrangement.


Other Settings

Land Tour* 3050.00

Please note: By selecting "Land Tour", you agree to the following terms & conditions:

  • The Participant will undertake to procure his/her own transport to meet the main group at the specified meeting point of the tour.
  • The Participant is required to arrive earlier at the specified meeting point to meet the main group. If the Participant is extending his/her stay and is not following the main group to the airport, then he/she is required to arrange his/her own transport to his/her next destination.
  • The Participant must not cause any inconvenience to the main group’s schedule due to his/her own deviation from the tour package.
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Payment Summary

Type Amount (SGD) Status
Land Tour 600.00
Deposit #1 500.00 DUE
Balance #1 100.00

Please Note :

* Payments will take 5-7 working days to process. By default, all correspondence will be emailed to Participant #1.

Total Paid : 0 . 00

Total Due : 500.00